The Dental Implant Placement Process

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Dental implants are a low-risk, high-benefit option for patients in the Mississauga, ON area who need tooth replacement. If you are looking for a permanent treatment that can look and function just like a real tooth, dental implants could be the best option for you and the process could not be simpler. Here are the four stages followed by Dentistry In The Village and Clarkson North Dental to get you great results with dental implants:

The Dental Implant Placement Process

Stage 1: The Consultation

The dental implant process is relatively simple and starts with a call to our office to schedule a consultation. Next, we will inspect your mouth and jawbone. After you and your doctor agree on the best treatment plan for your smile, you will schedule your pre-surgical appointment where necessary X-rays, and models of your teeth will be taken, then a surgical appointment will be arranged to begin the dental implant procedure.

Stage 2: Placing The Fixture

Once your measurements have been taken and all questions have been answered, your doctor will start the installation of the dental implant root piece. This simple oral surgery begins with your doctor making a small incision along the gum line. Local anesthesia is usually administered at this time to prevent any discomfort. Then, the artificial tooth root is inserted directly into your jawbone. Once this part is complete, you will be sent home to heal. It is critical that you avoid chewing on the implant site and keep it clean during this phase.

Stage 3: Attaching The Abutment Piece

After the root of the implant has been properly placed and healed, you will return to have your abutment attached to your implant fixture. An abutment is the piece of the dental implant connecting the artificial root or fixture to the crown (your new artificial tooth). This step also begins the process of creating your artificial tooth. Our doctors take special pride in matching your prosthesis precisely so that it looks and feels just like your other teeth.

Stage 4: Connecting The Crown

After we are satisfied that your artificial tooth perfectly matches your other teeth, one of our skilled doctors will place your crown onto the abutment and your new smile will be beautiful for many years to come!

Who Can Place Dental Implants?

Because any dentist can place dental implants, it is important to first determine if a specific dental implants provider has sufficient skills and training to place your dental implants. At the very least, your provider should have taken extra training to be proficient in implant treatment. Do not be afraid to ask for education and experience. A skilled and experienced provider will not hesitate to provide their credentials for your review. For more information about how to find a dental implant provider, please read our page on Selecting A Dental Implant Provider.

Come to Dentistry In The Village and Clarkson North Dental in Mississauga ON for Gorgeous Dental Implants

Dr. Michael Luciani, Dr. Amanika Luciani, and the amazing staff at Clarkson North Dental & Dentistry In The Village are here to answer any questions Mississauga, ON residents may have about dental implants. And now that we have provided details about the placement process, we suggest you take a glance at supplemental procedures for dental implants. Our Dental Implant InfoSite also provides many interesting details about topics like treatment comparisons, candidacy, and payment options. Then, when you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, give us a call for a consultation!

Dental Implant Testimonials

“Best dentist I’ve been to by far. Both of them do such a great job, and somehow make the needles painless (as opposed to other dentists I’ve been to). Both of them are great, and I always leave happy. Thank you for taking care of my teeth!”


“I have been going to Mavis Dental for the last 7 years. My family lives close to the office and when I moved back to the area I was looking for a new dentist. Originally I had visited another dentist up the street, but I had a very negative experience there taking out my wisdom teeth.

I booked an appointment to see Dr. Monica (Amanika Luciani) for a consult. Since my family had been going there for years, I had decided to give them a try. The first dentist that I went to in the area for my wisdom removal had outsourced a “travelling specialist” who performed the extraction. The result was my gums being hacked up and the extraction not complete. Dr. Monica, after our initial consult corrected all the mistakes that the “specialist” had done. After the procedures for correction were complete, my wife and I had moved our business to Dr. Monica.

Over the years my wife and I have had emergencies and issues which needed immediate attention. I have had no issues being able to see Dr. Monica or Dr. Mike either that day or the next day. I appreciate that they take the time with you to tell you the issues or options for your dental health. This professionalism and courteous nature also translates to the dental hygienists and support staff at the office. The hygienists are friendly and thorough with their examination/cleaning. The front desk staff are great as well!! Understanding the daily grind of most people, they will try to schedule an appointment that fits your life, not theirs. If you have an issue with your teeth or dental health and are in the Mississauga area, don’t have any hesitation to visit them…5 stars!”


“I’m so very happy with my treatment and quick and friendly repair to my smile tonight! Thank you so much, Dr. Mike. The place is so beautiful and I felt so welcome. See you again soon!”


“As someone who requires regular dental maintenance, I would not hesitate to recommend this dental office to anyone. The owners and staff are amazing. They always make me feel relaxed, comfortable, and in great hands. If you’re looking for a new dentist, give them a call.”


“A wonderful place to get all of your dental needs met. I could not be more pleased with the care I received from Dr. Monica. She is the best! Thanks again guys!”


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