Supplemental Procedures For Dental Implants

Most of our patients want to get started with dental implant placement as soon as possible. However, some of these patients may not be able to proceed right away because of issues with receeding gum tissues or jawbone density. Here at Dentistry In The Village and Clarkson North Dental in Mississauga ON, we offer many exceptional supplemental procedures that can help prepare our patients for their treatment. Read on to discover some additional details about problems that can prevent dental implant placement and about the supplemental treatments that were designed to fix these issues.

Problems Related To Dental Bridges And Dentures

Many patients chose a dental bridge or dentures after tooth loss because they are a quick, cheap, and easy options for tooth replacement. Both options allow patients to restore their ability to eat, speak, and smile normally. Unfortunately, over time gum tissue beneath these devices can recede. Then, after exploring current options like dental implants, they find that placement is not so simple because of the condition of their gum tissues. So what can patients do to correct this problem? One solution is gum tissue augmentation.

What Exactly Is Gum Tissue Augmentation?

Gum tissue augmentation requires that a small tissue graft be harvested from the patient’s palate using a small incision or the use of tissue from a tissue donor. This can be done before getting dental implants, or at the same time they are being placed. The specially harvested graft material will then be placed in the prepared area where gums have receded. The resulting tissue graft preserves the necessary soft tissue and makes the gums less likely to recede after dental implant surgery.

Other Problems With Bridges And Dentures

Through the years, dentures and bridges can restore basic facial shape and allow patients to fix their less-than-perfect smiles. But there is a price to these tooth replacement procedures and it happens when the jawbone losses a significant amount of volume over time. Unfortunately, these options can also cause muscles in the jaw to weaken with disuse and the jawbone itself to flatten out over time. These patients often have a sunken appearance and premature wrinkles around the mouth. This ultimately results in patients appearing much older than they actually are. The solution to these problems is bone grafting. Keep reading to learn about this procedure.

What Happens During Bone Grafting Procedures?

The primary way doctors strengthen a weakened jawbone is with bone grafting. This simple procedure can be performed in your doctor’s office before or at the same time as dental implant placement. During the procedure itself, a small incision is made and a little piece of donated bone is attached to the area lacking volume. As the area heals, the donated bone fuses with patient’s jawbone and the area is better prepared to support dental implants.

How Do I Know If I Need Bone Grafting Or Gum Tissue Augmentation?

In many cases, doctors can make a visual examination and determine that a patient needs tissue grafting. However, some cases of jawbone deterioration need to be diagnosed with x-rays or Cone Beam CT (CAT scan). The best way to see if you need either procedure is to begin with a consultation. This will allow us to examine you and see if you need supplemental procedures.

Come To Dentistry In The Village and Clarkson North Dental in Mississauga ON For A Supplemental Procedure Evaluation

Today, thanks to amazing supplemental procedures like bone and tissue grafting, many of our Mississauga, ON patients who were previously unable, can now take advantage of the many wonderful benefits of dental implants. If you would like more information, please check out the rest of our Dental Implants InfoSite or call us for a no-obligation consultation. Alternatively, you can take the next step in your journey by learning more about Choosing A Dental Implant Provider.

Dental Implant Testimonials

“A wonderful place to get all of your dental needs met. I could not be more pleased with the care I received from Dr. Monica. She is the best! Thanks again guys!”


“I have been going to Mavis Dental for the last 7 years. My family lives close to the office and when I moved back to the area I was looking for a new dentist. Originally I had visited another dentist up the street, but I had a very negative experience there taking out my wisdom teeth.

I booked an appointment to see Dr. Monica (Amanika Luciani) for a consult. Since my family had been going there for years, I had decided to give them a try. The first dentist that I went to in the area for my wisdom removal had outsourced a “travelling specialist” who performed the extraction. The result was my gums being hacked up and the extraction not complete. Dr. Monica, after our initial consult corrected all the mistakes that the “specialist” had done. After the procedures for correction were complete, my wife and I had moved our business to Dr. Monica.

Over the years my wife and I have had emergencies and issues which needed immediate attention. I have had no issues being able to see Dr. Monica or Dr. Mike either that day or the next day. I appreciate that they take the time with you to tell you the issues or options for your dental health. This professionalism and courteous nature also translates to the dental hygienists and support staff at the office. The hygienists are friendly and thorough with their examination/cleaning. The front desk staff are great as well!! Understanding the daily grind of most people, they will try to schedule an appointment that fits your life, not theirs. If you have an issue with your teeth or dental health and are in the Mississauga area, don’t have any hesitation to visit them…5 stars!”


“Best dentist I’ve been to by far. Both of them do such a great job, and somehow make the needles painless (as opposed to other dentists I’ve been to). Both of them are great, and I always leave happy. Thank you for taking care of my teeth!”


“I’m so very happy with my treatment and quick and friendly repair to my smile tonight! Thank you so much, Dr. Mike. The place is so beautiful and I felt so welcome. See you again soon!”


“As someone who requires regular dental maintenance, I would not hesitate to recommend this dental office to anyone. The owners and staff are amazing. They always make me feel relaxed, comfortable, and in great hands. If you’re looking for a new dentist, give them a call.”


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