The Cost and Financing of Dental Implants

Act Quickly – A Missing Tooth May Damage Surrounding Teeth

Whether you are dealing with a simple dental issue, like a teeth cleaning, or a larger one, like a missing tooth, Dentistry In The Village and Clarkson North Dental offer a wide range of options to fit your every need as well as your unique budget. We are also committed to helping our patients pay for their dental care by creating the perfect payment plan for each patient who enters our offices. Below you will find some additional information about financing, insurance options, and payment plans for your new dental implants.

Payment Options

For patient ease and convenience, we accept credit cards, cash, checks, insurance, and payment plans. If you would like to discuss alternative payment options, please feel free to come in and speak to one of our financial team members. However, please be aware that all payment options must be agreed to in writing before you schedule any procedures at Dentistry In The Village and Clarkson North Dental.


To ensure that your experience at Dentistry In The Village and Clarkson North Dental is comfortable, comprehensive, and simple, our friendly staff can help you complete all of your insurance paperwork and can even file it for you in our office the same day. However, we ask that you be aware that insurance estimates are based on the information available at the time of your appointment. Any amounts quoted could change before your treatment and you will be responsible for any costs of your treatment that your insurance provider does not pay for.

Please take note that any portion of your procedure that is not covered by insurance is your responsibility and should be paid for promptly. Additionally, for the speed and ease of your procedure, we also ask that you be ready with your applicable insurance co-payment when you check in for your appointment.


Clarkson North Dental and Dentistry In The Village offer several financing options that are designed as a means to help our patients pay for routine and emergency dental expenses. Please feel free to give us a call.