Most doctors recommend that patients avoid overconsumption of alcohol because it can damage both your oral and your overall health. But did you know consuming too much alcohol could also impact your dental implants? Want to know the details? Here are some additional reasons to avoid alcohol before, during, and after your dental implant treatment:

1) Alcohol can cause inflammation. It is simple; consuming too much alcohol can dilate blood vessels in your mouth. This then causes your teeth and gums to be inflamed, which is not good for dental implant healing. Avoid inflammation after surgery by skipping the celebratory drink after.

2) Alcohol can contribute to bone deterioration. One of the important parts of healing from dental implant placement is ensuring that the bone in your jaw can successfully integrate with the implant roots. However, heavy drinking can jeopardize this by causing serious bone loss, thus preventing the implant from fusing properly with your jaw.

3) Alcohol can create issues with blood clotting. Think a little alcohol after implant placement would be good? Think again! Alcohol can cause problems with your blood’s ability to clot. Studies have also shown that alcohol may reduce your ability to close wounds and heal properly.

4) Alcohol can cause negative interactions with pain medications and antibiotics. According to medical studies, alcohol can interact with painkillers and antibiotics, making them less effective. Consequently, you should avoid alcohol during the dental implant procedure until your implant site is fully healed.

5) Alcohol can change the pH balance in your mouth. Alcohol creates an acidic environment in the mouth. Alcohol can upset the natural pH balance in the mouth and make the environment more prone to disease, infection, inflammation, and tooth decay.

6) Alcohol can reduce vitamin and mineral absorption. To ensure proper healing, your body needs vitamins and minerals before and after surgery. These same nutrients also help accelerate osseointegration (the process where your jawbone grows into and around the dental implant to form a strong anchor). The over-consumption of alcohol prevents proper nutrient ingestion and utilization, and should, therefore, be avoided.

7) Alcohol can lead to dehydration of oral tissues. Proper and healthy hydration is critical after dental implant surgery. Moist tissues heal better and allow you to start chewing again normally with greater speed. Alcohol dehydrates tissues in the mouth and should be avoided for proper tissue health after surgery.

8) Alcohol can reduce inhibitions. According to scientific studies, alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes patients more likely to drink heavily or smoke. And because smoking is more dangerous than drinking, doctors suggest avoiding both.

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