If you’re missing teeth, you’re not alone. Did you know that the average American is missing 12 teeth by the time they’re 50 years old?

You’re not alone in deciding to get dentures for your missing teeth either – dentures remain the most popular restorative treatment throughout the world. But much of the popularity of dentures is related to their low cost and wide availability. The fact is that dentures lack many of the significant benefits of dental implants. Fortunately for denture-wearers, you can choose to upgrade your dentures to dental implants so  You can enjoy these life-changing benefits as well.

6 Reasons Why Patients Upgrade to Dental Implants

Even if you’re content with wearing your dentures, dental implants offer remarkable advantages that can’t be found with any other treatment. Check out some of the most compelling reasons that denture-wearers upgrade to dental implants:

  • Dental implants support the jawbone so it doesn’t shrink

  • Dental implants provide 35 pounds of additional chewing pressure

  • Dental implants are permanent – you never have to remove them

  • Dental implants are easier to maintain than dentures

  • Dental implants avoid the social problems associated with dentures

  • Dental implants further improve speaking and eating abilities

We Can Upgrade Your Dentures to Dental Implants

If you have dentures, it’s an easy transition to begin the dental implant placement process. Those who have made the upgrade will tell you that it’s a positive change – here’s why:

No More Adhesives

Dentures require adhesives to remain in the mouth – many denture-wearers find this to be a sticky and tedious process. After upgrading to dental implants, these adhesives will be a thing of the past.

Only Dentures Become Dislodged

If you wear dentures, chewing with the front part of your teeth can cause them to become dislodged. As you might imagine, this can result in some embarrassing moments at family dinners or when dining out with friends.

Maintenance Process is Improved

One change you’ll notice after upgrading to dental implants is that the maintenance is similar to maintaining natural teeth. While dentures must be removed at night for cleaning, dental implants remain in your mouth and are cleaned by brushing and flossing them.

Quick Look at the Dental Implant Process

Since you already are wearing dentures, your gums are in excellent position to begin upgrading to dental implants. Here’s a brief look at the dental implant process:

  • Consultation

With your teeth already removed for dentures, there shouldn’t be much keeping you from the life-changing benefits of dental implants.

  • Titanium Fixture is Inserted

Titanium is used for the fixture because it’s biocompatible and fuses easily with your jawbone. Local anesthetic is typically used for this initial procedure.

  • 4-6 Month Healing Phase

Two things happen during this phase: The fixture fuses with your jawbone and the healing process takes place. The rate of healing will differ from patient to patient.

  • Return for Final Abutment and Crown


Once your fixture has fused with the jawbone, you’re ready to complete the dental implant process. During this last appointment, your abutment will be attached to the fixture and topped with a natural-looking crown.

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Mr. and Mrs. Luciani are doctors who take pride in restoring natural-looking smiles to their patients in Mississauga, Ontario. Dentures help a lot of people, but they’re not perfect – if you’re ready to make the upgrade to dental implants, we have the training and experience to make it happen. Contact us with your dental concerns and see how we can help your smile!