Traveling is one of the times when people are most likely to neglect their oral care. While a standard toothbrush can work fine while for travelers, it can be a lot more fun and convenient to invest in a travel toothbrush. With creative features that boost portability, the right travel toothbrush is a wise investment for the savvy traveler. Peruse this list of travel toothbrushes to see which one is worthy of a place in your carry on this summer.

Oral Care On the Go – Why Invest in a Travel Toothbrush?

If a basic toothbrush can keep your teeth clean and doesn’t take up too much space in your bag, why go with a travel toothbrush? The answer is simple: Travel toothbrushes offer features that make them more fun and convenient than a standard version. Anything that boosts convenience and fun is also going to increase your motivation to brush your teeth! In this way, purchasing an innovative travel toothbrush can be a smart investment into your oral health.

1. In and Out USB Rechargeable Toothbrush – Innovative and High Tech

With a USB port and a digital reading and power button on the outside of the toothbrush, the In and Out Toothbrush by Yanko Design is strikingly unique. At first glance, you may expect the USB port on the In and Out Toothbrush to store data, but it does something even better for your oral care – sterilizes itself. That means that from the comfort of your hotel, you can plug this toothbrush into your laptop to sterilize it, then brush immediately after it’s done.

Benefits of the In and Out Toothbrush:

  • Futuristic USB Port Feature
  • Ability to Sterilize Itself
  • Appearance that Blends a Classic Look with Futuristic Features

2. Folding Toothbrush – Folds Out Like a Jackknife

Eliminating the need for travel cases, the Tour Travel Toothbrush by Radius is one of the most stylish options on the market. Designed like a jackknife, the Tour Travel Toothbrush folds out into a fixed, open position. When sheathed, you can clearly see the toothbrush head through the translucent handle. Available in five color options including green, purple, and orange, the Tour Travel Toothbrush is also inexpensive: You can find it for just $5.99 on the Radius website.

Benefits of the Tour Travel Toothbrush by Radius

  • Inexpensive – $5.99 on Official Site
  • Sanitary and convenient way to store your toothbrush
  • Five Color Options: Green, Blue, Purple, Red, White

3. Twist and Brush Toothbrush – Holds a ½ oz Supply of Toothpaste

With the Twist and Brush Toothbrush, you’ll have one less thing to keep track of during your trip. Just fill it with a half ounce of your favorite toothpaste and be on your way, because the Sweet Breath Refillable Travel Toothbrush is designed to apply a perfect amount with a twist of the dial. To keep the brush head sanitary, it also comes with a clear plastic cap, and the amount of toothpaste it holds won’t alarm TSA at the airport – making it perfect for travelers.

Benefits of the Twist and Brush Toothbrush

  • One refill lets you brush your teeth 20-30 times
  • Save space in your carry on bag – no need to bring toothpaste!
  • Plastic cap fits over brush head to keep it sanitary

4. Finger Toothbrush – Reimagine the Way you Brush your Teeth

Ever wish you could just use your finger to brush your teeth? That’s the idea behind Dr. Brown’s Finger Toothbrush, a small toothbrush that resembles a finger puppet with a brush head. Finger toothbrushes are most often used to care for the teeth of babies and small children, but choosing a finger toothbrush for your trip can be a nice way to switch up your oral care routine. Plus, it lets you effortlessly target difficult areas and takes up minimal space in your travel bag.

Benefits of Dr. Brown’s Finger Toothbrush

  • Includes a plastic carrying case
  • Takes up very little room in your bag
  • Completely different way to brush your teeth

Ensure your Teeth are in Top Shape at Mississauga Dental Group!

If you have travel plans this year, it doesn’t mean your oral health has to suffer. Whether you take your basic toothbrush or invest in a creative travel toothbrush, maintaining the habit of brushing twice per day is a major part of an effective oral care plan. The other part is to visit your dentist for bi-annual dental appointments. Drs. Michael and Amanika Luciani are highly qualified and experienced at helping patients near Mississauga, Ontario. Contact us today!