Kids in Canada love trick-or-treating on Halloween, and parents and dentists like to know that their kids are safe. This includes keeping their teeth safe from the sugary Canadian candies that are out there, but it’s important to know that not all candies are equal in the effect they have on your teeth. Let’s explore some of the most popular candies your kids are likely to encounter this Halloween as they trick-or-treat around Mississauga, Ontario.

1. Coffee Crisp

As one of the most popular Canadian candies in the country, Coffee Crisp is a favorite of kids and adults. Featuring thin wafers covered in chocolate and a distinct coffee taste, Coffee Crisp has been a favorite for decades. Some may remember its tagline from the 1980’s in which a voice asks, “How do you like your coffee?” and another shouts, “Crisp!” in response. Coffee Crisp is a beloved Canadian classic and is very likely to end up in your kids’ Halloween basket.

How Will Coffee Crisp Affect Your Teeth?

With a moderate sugar content, the lightweight and mixed texture of Coffee Crisp will pose a mild threat to your smile compared to other candy types. The main reasons are that chocolate washes off of your teeth easily, and although the crisp breaks apart in your mouth, it’s not sticky so it’s easily washed away. If your kids enjoy Coffee Crisp this Halloween, just make sure they drink water and brush their teeth thoroughly and their smiles will be fine.

2. Neilson Cerises

Few Canadian candies are as tempting and unique as Neilson Cerises. For those unfamiliar with this candy, Neilson Cerises are a chocolate bar with a decadent cherry flavor inside. Essentially they’re designed to be cordial cherries in bar form. Given their popularity, it’s highly likely that your kids will get some Neilson Cerises bars this Halloween.

How Will Neilson Cerises Affect Your Teeth?

The combination of milk chocolate and cherry filling has one good thing going for it: Both ingredients will wash off of your teeth with a drink of water. That means unlike sticky candies and taffies, the sugar from chocolate bars like Neilson Cerises won’t stick to your teeth, causing continual damage. If you want to indulge in a candy this Halloween that is one of the least likely to cause cavities, then Neilson Cerises followed by water and home care is a winning combination.

3. Smarties

Not to be confused with the tiny other version of Smarties that we Canadians call Rockets, these Smarties are a colorful, chocolatey favorite that is known throughout Canada. Many adults nowadays probably got Smarties in their baskets on Halloween as kids since they’ve been a beloved Canadian treat since the 1970’s. With eight colors and a chocolate center, most kids will love to receive Smarties this Halloween.

How Will Smarties Affect Your Teeth?

Unlike simple chocolate bars that simply melt off of your teeth, Smarties also include a candy shell. The problem with the candy shell is that it breaks apart with each bite, and can get stuck between your teeth. When the tiny shell particles get stuck, they leave behind sugar that can cause cavities if it’s not washed away. Therefore, if you plan to indulge in Smarties this Halloween, we recommend that you thoroughly brush and floss afterwards to preserve your smile.

Happy Halloween from Dentistry In The Village & Clarkson North Dental!

Drs. Michael and Amanika Luciani wish you a fun and safe Halloween this year. We know that most Canadians are going to enjoy candy on Halloween, so just remember to brush and floss your teeth that night and frequently drink water and your smile should remain healthy. If any dental problems arise among you or your loved ones, remember that our Mississauga dental team is here for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment.